19 mar. 2014

Seminarios IQFR: "Coarse-grained modelling of DNA: biophysics and nanotechnology"

Programa del Ciclo de Seminarios del IQFR 2014

Seminario del Dr. Jonathan P. K. Doye
University of Oxford

"Coarse-grained modelling of DNA: biophysics and nanotechnology"

Jueves 20 de marzo a las 12:00 horas
Aula  300 IQFR-CSIC


I will give an overview of the applications of oxDNA, a coarse-grained model of DNA that we have relatively recently developed in Oxford, to study fundamental DNA biophysics and DNA nanotechnology. The biophysical applications include the dynamics of processes such as hybridization, toehold-mediated strand displacement and hairpin formation, and the response of DNA to mechanical stress, including overstretching under tension, the formation of plectonemes, bubbles and cruciforms under twist, and the nature of extreme bending in DNA, as probed, for example, by cyclization reactions. For nanodevices we have studied the opening and closing of DNA nanotweezers, and the action of a two-footed and a burnt-bridges DNA walker. For nanostructures, we have probed the structure and self-assembly of DNA origami, and a variety of DNA polyhedra.The oxDNA code is freely available from http://dna.physics.ox.ac.uk. 

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